Roll With Us: Weds 6/29 @ Food Truck Night at St. John's Lutheran Church; Thur 6/30 @ Hop Hill Brewing; Friday 7/1@Warwick Farm Brewing; Sat 7/2 @Free Will Brewing

About Roll 'M Up

Roll M Up Food Truck


Early in 2020, Dan Lynch felt it was time to leave corporate America and start out on his own. He wanted to find a purpose in life that was fulfilling for himself and set a strong example of hard work for his children. Taking a week off from work to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, Lynch wrote a list of 50 things he was passionate about. Two things became evident: he is passionate about food and community. After deep discussions with his wife Kate and a close friend who manages his own food truck, Dan quickly realized that launching a mobile kitchen would afford him the opportunity to accomplish his goals.

While the concept of launching a food truck seemed exciting, Dan and Kate both felt that the business should include benefits to the community that they serve. Dan was intent on creating a business model that not only helped feed his customers and family, but one that helped people in need. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and seeing the struggles it brought to both those he knows and doesn’t, his family’s commitment to community became stronger.

As 2021 began, Lynch launched his Roll ‘M Up Food Truck, which specializes in gourmet egg rolls, American style burritos, and more. “We roll to feed your soul,” said Lynch. “In addition to satisfying our customers, our truck will operate with the goal of helping those who are facing food insecurity. There’s no reason anyone should be hungry. There’s so much food in this world, and somehow people in our own backyards don’t have enough to eat. We plan on making a measurable impact.” Lynch has formed a partnership with Manna on Main Street by collecting and donating non-perishable food items that he collects from his customers at events, as well as from his own kitchen. By consistently promoting non-perishable food donations at each of their events, the hope is that Roll ‘M Up becomes synonymous with helping to combat hunger in the Philadelphia region. MANNA on Main Street is a non-profit committed to ending hunger in the North Penn region by providing food, fulfilling social service and education needs, and conducting community outreach to community members in need.

Roll ‘M Up is a nomadic business, setting up shop at various spots throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties with the goal to expand throughout the greater Philadelphia area. The mobile kitchen partners with local businesses and breweries where we can park the truck and offer the specialized menu to a wide variety people with the hope of creating raving fans throughout the region.